Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 21, 2010

Start position is standing on "X", facing away from targets, wrists above shoulders, gun loaded in holster. On signal, turn, enter box and engage each target with 2 rounds each. Reload and re-engage each target with 2 rounds each.

40 reps

Between each rep perform 1 draw to prone. Full speed.

Par Times:
G: 5.30
M: 5.50
A: 5.70
B: 6.00
C: 6.20
D: 6.50

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Anonymous said...

Jake I like this drill. I added no shoots to the three targets.

I shows me how quick I can start moving. If my draw and reload are working. It reminds me to stay low and enter softly, The no shoots keep me from hosing.