Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September 9, 2009

Internal error preventing me from uploading pics.

Set up the classifier "Melody Line"

50 reps

Par Times:
G: 5.00
M: 5.30
A: 5.80
B: 6.20
C: 6.50
D: 7.00


MCSA said...

OMG! This blog is amazing!

I just need a range and ammo to do this!

Other than Ben Stoeger's site and Steve Anderson's book, this is solid gold!

Jake Di Vita said...

Thanks for the feedback.

Most of these drills are posted with the hopes you'll do them in dry fire. While you can do them live fire, that isn't what they were intended for.

Hope you keep coming back.

Any other feedback or suggestions, please feel free to post.

MCSA56 said...


Jake - if you really want to publicize this site, get in touch with Caleb at "NRAhab". He's got some great traffic and could even put you on the Intertubes "radio" show he does...

Les (MCSA)