Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July 17th, 2008


Draw to prone - 20 reps - Timer
Moving reloads - 30 reps - No Timer
Exiting Positions - 30 reps - No Timer
Standing reloads - 50 reps - No Timer
Wide transitions - 50 reps - No Timer

Full targets at 25 yards (or scaled down to simulate, ie. quarter size target at 6 yards.)
6 yards between targets. 2 shots on every drill. Push the speed for each drill. Record par time for draw to prone.

Here is an example of how to properly exit positions.

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Pharaoh Bender said...

I'm very glad that you have your website back up Jake! DFWOD is an excellent idea and will be integrated into my daily dryfire (as soon as this damn summer term is up)!

Thanks for the information and coaching.