Friday, July 18, 2008

July 20th, 2008

200 Surrender draws
100 Weak hand - 100 Strong hand

7 yards. Partial target.

Post par times to comments.


Anonymous said...

Freestyle - 1.0
Stronghand - 1.2
Weakhand 1.9

Weakhand was very slow. Losing alot of time transitioning from the strong to weakhand. Arms were very tired from the Crossfit WOD. That was a smoker.

Question: Do you aim at the uppper left hand corner of the A zone for that type of partial target?

Chris C.

Anonymous said...

Jake I didn't do surrender draws. My bad, they were hands at sides.

Jake Di Vita said...

No worries Chris.

On this particular target (at this particular distance) I'd probably aim an inch or so in from that corner. But at any distance I will usually aim center of the available brown - so the upper left hand corner is a good place to start for sure.