Sunday, July 20, 2008

July 21st, 2008

Start 3 yards away. Loaded gun and spare mags on table. At start signal, retrieve gun, engage targets in A zone with one round each, reload, re-engage targets in A zone with one round each. 50 reps.

Be sure of your hits.


Anonymous said...

Good drill for training your cardio also. 97.4 F when I went outside today for the drill. I found that if I take a flash picture of the mag on the table it was really smooth. Dropped the mag 4 times from the table starts due to the mag button. Drop step is nice for getting out of the box. I have to develope more leg strength to get any faster.


Jake Di Vita said...

Good comments Chris.

A few of those things were exactly what I was hoping people would see out of this drill.